Our history

Aqualvor was founded in 1994 with a clear goal: becoming a key player in the aquaculture production of sea bream and sea bass in conveyor tanks.

Since then, we've been investing in innovation and expansion of our activities, by increasing the installed capacity with the construction of more pre-fattening tanks, testing laboratory, as well as the automation of all of our systems.

In a market that's constantly growing, we know that innovation plays a key role and sets us apart from the rest.

In this way, we have been participating over the years in several projects related to sustainability, valorization, and optimization of resources and ecosystems. In 2019 we started the "Global GAP Certification - the global benchmark for good agricultural practices", as we have the goal of presenting safe and sustainable aquaculture worldwide.

Also in 2019, we registered our brand Aqualvor, because all the growth prospects remain high and, since then, we need to maintain our reference image in the market for over 25 years.

Trust and Accountability are key aspects of Aqualvor's philosophy, maintaining a frank and satisfying relationship with all its business partners, for more than 25 years.


Our Team

Currently, Aqualvor has a qualified, young, and dynamic team of about 34 people with a high level of knowledge in the aquaculture sector.

With a team made up of five biologists and one of the most renowned pathologists in the country, Aqualvor is able to continuously develop several research and innovation projects. In partnership with some of the leading manufacturers, we have developed feeds with the incorporation of essential oils, used in a prophylactic way, always with priority to health and animal welfare.

We proudly have a passionate and committed team, with the tasks they perform and the results are there to see.

At Aqualvor we produce high-quality, safe, and nutritious aquaculture products that fully meet the requirements of our partners.


Our Facilities

Aqualvor is located in the Ria de Alvor natural reserve, in the municipality of Lagos, Algarve region, and has the facilities to provide you with the best high-quality fish, always with respect for the environment and with a focus on the quality of its product.



The Ria de Alvor is an estuary with about 350 hectares of sandbanks, mudflats, and salt marshes, where freshwater meets the saltwater from the sea, creating a salinity gradient that, combined with the dynamics of the tides and the presence of nutrients, allows large biodiversity.

The fact that we are located on the Ria de Alvor, with a water quality that has been protected for over 20 years, gives our fish unique and genuine flavors and textures since they are fed daily with natural nutrients from the tidal waters of the Ria de Alvor, whose quality is constantly watched and monitored.

It's because of the high standard quality of our fish that we are considered a key player company in the Portuguese aquaculture market.