Our production

Aqualvor's annual production of Europen Bass and Gilt-head Bream in partnership with Piscicultura Vale da Lama stands at 500 tonnes, with fish ranging in size from 300gr to 1500gr.

Aqualvor's production process is a semi-intensive culture in earthen ponds and is based on the high quality of its product, having as keyfactors the facilities location in the heart of the Ria de Alvor at 500m from the sea, the natural food available, the Experience and the Technology and Innovation of our team.



How do we measure and monitor the health of our fish?

Through regular water chemistry analysis, histology allowing us to study the biological and plasma tissues of our fish, measurement of water parameters, and sampling.

We can offer you high-quality, tasty, and fresh fish, through our continuous investment in technology and innovation, which allows us greater control of the entire production process.

We also invest in the aeration of our tanks, in the production of oxygen, and automatic feeders.

For the future, we foresee a continued focus on increasing the installed capacity and consequently an increase in production, with a focus on new technologies and know-how, which will allow us to achieve new goals of quantity and quality of our product.


How our logistics are processed?

As for our logistics, this begins at the moment of fishing our fish, as soon as it is collected it is placed in isothermal boxes so that all its characteristics are preserved and its freshness is maintained.

Then the packaging and labeling process begins and the product goes on to national and international distribution.


Our certifications

We guarantee the highest quality standards consistently throughout the production and logistics cycle, thanks to a dedicated team and control technology that ensures the quality of the entire process.

Aqualvor is in the process of obtaining Global GAP Certification, the global benchmark for good agricultural practices.

Aqualvor is the first entity accredited under standard NP EN 45011 by the Directorate General of Agriculture and Rural Development for the control of organic aquaculture production of animals and seaweed.

Certification process under development.

Logistics capacity.

Less than 12 hours from fishing to you.